Assignments for Today

Email Converter 2

Download the starter code form the website and create:

  • A function that returns the domain of the email
  • 3 functions that take the domain of the email address as a parameter and return the new email address with a different domain (to_gmail, to_yahoo, to_outlook)
    • Hint: Use Use the slides in “Live Lesson 2”

Alphabet Loop

Download the starter code and write a function that:

  • Takes in a string as a parameter
  • Takes each letter of the string and puts them into a list
    • For example, 'cat' to ['c', 'a', 't']
    • Hint: Use the slides in “Live Lesson 2”
  • Loop through all the elements of the list
    • Use the get_char_value function in the starter code to get a 0-25 digit number that represents the letter
    • Find the element that corresponds to that index in alphabet_list
  • Print (f'{letter} is for {alphabet_list[letter_value]}.')
    • For example, “A is for Apple.”