Our Mission

Our mission is to support young women in furthering their interest and knowledge in computer science through engaging activities and empowerment. Since 1984, the number of women pursuing a degree in computer science has decreased from 37% to 18% and only 24% of the industry is women. Lots of initiatives and programs have started with the goal of raising those numbers, but haven’t had the results they desired.

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As female programmers in high school, we know what the environment is like more than anyone. We’ve seen our friends decide to stop programming and the ratio of men to women in the class only increases each year. Our observations are not unique. Over half the women enrolled in computer science classes are in middle school or younger and only 4% are in college. What happens to those girls that started so early? Why do they decide to stop?

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It’s easy to get women to start programming, but retaining them has been a challenge. We believe this is because past the beginner level, there is little support for women in STEM. The pressure and bias faced in male-dominated classrooms repels young women and the lack of social opportunities is isolating. We aim to change that. Our program is unique because it has opportunities for girls who already possess beginner-level knowledge in coding.

If nothing is changed, the percentage of women in computer science will go down from 24% to 22% by 2027. We see a need within our community, and around the world, so we’ve decided to do something about it. Our goal is to create a safe and fun space for female programmers to grow and learn together. The objective is not to get girls interested in wonderful world of programming, but to keep them motivated and confident.

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