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Adison Lampert

Founder, Director

Adison Lampert is a senior at the Liberal Arts and Science Academy. She has been a part of multiple initiatives to increase the number of women in STEM including her role as one of the ten US Ambassadors for Tech Girls 2020 and her position as president of the Women in Computer Science club at her school. After many years of observing the diminishing female population in her computer science classes, she couldn’t help but ask herself why. That’s when the idea for def include( ) was born. She hopes that her experience and knowledge about the challenges faced by middle school and high school girls in computer science can help girls like her to feel more confident and comfortable in their classes. She aspires to pursue a degree in Computer Science and eventually end up in the field of Emotion AI.

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Julia Ding

Co-Content Creator of Web Development, Instructor

Julia Ding is a sophomore at the Liberal Arts and Science Academy. Having been fortunate enough to have had a relatively early exposure to computer science, she has taken a great interest in the subject and has been deeply involved in it ever since. She is passionate about increasing the diversity of females in computer science and other technological fields, and aims to do so first handedly. Aside from computer science, Julia enjoys mathematics as well as playing the cello.

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Cierra Wickliff

Outreach Manager

Cierra Wickliff is a senior at the Liberal Arts and Science Academy High School. She has taken several years of computer science and wishes to pursue it as a career. After noticing the lack of female representation in the tech industry, she was happy to join the def include( ) team. In addition to Cierra’s current role, she also contributed to the design of the website. She hopes to inspire more girls to pursue a career in computer science. Besides her involvement with def include( ), she spends her time coding, reading, and watching youtube.

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Lily Yeazell


Lily Yeazell is a senior at the Liberal Arts and Science Academy. She has been programming for several years and plans to pursue a degree in computer science. Having experienced the lack of women in computer science first-hand, she is a strong proponent of increasing diversity in computer science. Lily is excited to be a part of the def include( ) team and have the opportunity to make a difference in this amazing field. In addition to programming, Lily enjoys physics, baking, and figure skating.

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Christelle Chatelain


Christelle Chatelain is a senior at LASA. She has recently become very interested in the world of technology and computers, and hopes to one day implement it in her future career. She enjoys programming, however she has unfortunately noticed a lack of female representation in her computer science classes. Knowing that she wanted this to change, she joined the def include( ) team. Other than coding, she enjoys discovering new musical genres and baking desserts.

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